Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A big update, exciting changes.  The project initiated with the album "Hypnos" will continue under the name ONEIROGEN.  I will continue to compose and release new music for classical ensembles under my given name.  

In case some are wondering, it's pronounced oh-NIGH-ro-gen (NIGH like "night", GEN like "genesis").

Oneirogen is honored to join forces with the great people at Denovali Records in Germany.  August will see the re-release of "Hypnos" on 2xLP, as well as the new EP "Veni Nox Anima" on 10" vinyl.  A new full length is currently in the works. 

Oneirogen will make it's EU debut at Denovali Swingfest in Essen (Germany) on October 5th.
The MDdL piece "Gated Eclipse", for sextet and electronics, will receive it's EU premiere in late October, at the Venice Biennale's 56th International Festival of Contemporary Music (date/time TBA).

Thanks as always for your support.

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