Thursday, October 13, 2011

MDdL + ICE @ Le Poisson Rouge

From the concert last March in NYC. Special thanks to Meerkat Media, Ryan Streber, Levy Lorenzo and ICE for this amazing document.

ICElab at LPR | Music of Mario Diaz de León from ICE on Vimeo.

PRISM PATH: Music of Mario Diaz de León


Claire Chase, flutes

Eric Lamb, flutes

Joshua Rubin, clarinets

Cory Smythe, piano

Nathan Davis, percussion

Mario Diaz de León, composer, synth

Levy Lorenzo, sound engineer

Ryan Streber, audio recording

Video by MeerkatMedia

Prism Path for two alto flutes and percussion (2010) NEW YORK PREMIERE
Altar of Two Serpents for two flutes (2010)

Mansion for two alto flutes, percussion, and electronics (2009)

The Soul is the Arena for bass clarinet and electronics (2010) NEW YORK PREMIERE

Portals Before Dawn for two flutes, clarinet, percussion, piano, and synth (2011) WORLD PREMIERE

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